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September 2019
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Styx [userpic]
IRC may not be alive, but I am.

[21:35] <kenna> just seeing if you are still alive ;)

This is an automated response.  Styx is either away from his desk, or is on another line.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I was busy transferring my last domain away from GoDaddy.com when you popped into the channel, so I missed your cameo appearance.  I guess I should have had the sound enabled so that I would have heard a beep when you msg'd me.  What kenna person do to a keep a up onna so many diff-a-rent journals, chats, and a forums?

Life is good in Styxville, albeit quite busy lately.  There's been enough going on at work to keep me burning the candle at both ends (and seemingly even in the middle).  Dana's been working long hours, too; so we  have to make certain that  the birds get their share of quality time.  Quimby (aka: "Boo") laid just the one egg on New Year's Eve, and Binkley was confirmed as a male by DNA testing.

Tomorrow, Dana will be making me a special Valentine's dinner, and this weekend I'll be taking her wherever she wants to go for dinner.  We used to spend our Valentine's weekends at a Sisters, OR bed'n'breakfast or somewhere on the Oregon coast, but now we need to find someone to care for the birds if we go out of town overnight.  Almost like having kids, right?  I hope that you're not  jealous that we can corral our "kids" in cages when they misbehave.  ;)  It sounds  like your kids are growing as fast as ours.  Binkley is 6 already and Quimby just turned 8.  Time flies.  Be glad that your kids don't.  :D
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours (kenna, ked, and kids)!

Current Mood: twitchy
Current Music: ringing in my ears and humming in my head

Hey! Glad you are alive, actually it's the fact that I'm unable to breathe at night lately that has me up and on the computer because there's not much else I can do without waking the entire house. Sounds like you have a great Valentine's planned and I do wish sometimes I could corral at LEAST Connor ;)

Glad to see things are good!

You really need to be around here more brother of mine. This is where all the really cool kids hang out now. :P


Since I had my lasik in 2007 am very happy...
Mark P.
(read your email, sent you a question today)