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Styx [userpic]
Where it all happens... but what, exactly?

Okay.  I was stubborn and held out for the long awaited return of my Undernet brethren.  Reality set in and I allowed sis to talk me into creating an account  here.  I guess I get to see what all the hubba hubba is about now.

/me prepares to get excited
(Old IRC habits die hard, but I'm a bit of a die-hard myself)

*TAP*TAP*  Is this thing on?
/me waits in anticipation

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: Queensryche: Is there anybody listening?

YAY!!! I'll let everyone know you are here!!

Hello, oh sibling of the Tigs!! Let me tell you what, I'm like the coolest person on her friends list. So you are darn blessed that I have taken it upon myself to add you to mine! ^_^

Welcome to the land of LJ. It rawks.

Oh, and by the way... I'm Kayla. Hi!

Kayla you tweaker! LOL

I'm telling Mel you said you are cooler than her.

I heard and I think a trout fwapping is in order don't you? ;)

This might even require a trout fwapping WHILE we hold her head under jello in the hot tub.

Some people!

well we could be really mean and make her eat one of the petrified trout cookies...

You were going to give her a fresh one? What has happened to my Mel?

Trout cookies!!!

Welcome to LiveJournal Styx! It's about time. ;)

Wow.. heh. Ok then, hiya.

Welcome to LJ!

I must say that I am impressed by your galleries of hike photos – makes me want to relocate up to your neck of the woods some day.

It's about time!

Welcome to the dark side :)

aka Kriss ;)

geez, took you long enough!

Well welcome to the LJ world. I knew inevitably IRC'ers would make it over here.

u need to post more. : )

Are you implying that my post from last May isn't recent enough for people to know what I've been up to?

Oh, the excitement. Lessee... a couple weekends ago, I had to replace a wax seal for the master bathroom toilet, so I decided to replace the whole toilet with a newfangled model that sits higher, runs quieter, uses less water, and flushes so powerfully that I expect a manhole cover to pop out of a street somewhere.
Then last sunday, I replaced our 1/3 HP garbage disposal with a quieter 3/4 HP model. (Insert Tim Allen impersonation here)
Now, our water heater seems to be running out sooner than usual, so I'm thinking about replacing it with a tankless version that provides "endless hot water" and is 40-60% more efficient. I think I'd be best contracting a real plumber to do that particular job, as it uses natural gas and it probably wouldn't be legal for me to do the installation anyway.

Hmm. What else... lemme think.
I got new traction tires for the Jeep, and they've already proven worthy on the wet streets. I'm looking forward to 4x4'ing around town on packed snow like in my old Jeep that Larry has now. I love how quiet the town gets when people are afraid to drive in the snow.
We've been putting lights and decorations up around the house to make our holidays more festive. That meant moving the birds into the family room so as to make room for the trees (yes, 2 trees this year) in the front living room windows. Now the birds get to watch all of the back yard birdies, raccoons, squirrels and our neighbor's cats during the day.
When I came home for lunch last week, I noticed that Binkley (our umbrella cockatoo) was raising and lowering his crest, flaring his wings and hissing. When I investigated what he was reacting to, it turned out to be a Kestrel (bird of prey) on the fence, with a Scrub Jay (blue bird) under its foot. I took some great photos of the bird before it took off. I was saddened to see that it was eating another bird instead of the mole(s) that have been messing up the lawn and gardens. I've tried smoking those varmints out with "gopher gassers", but they keep returning from the neighbors' yards (where they came from to begin with). One of those smarty little bastards even pushed out an expended gopher gasser along with the dirt from a tunnel as if to say "nice try. get this garbage out of my hallway!".

Well, no new hiking news to post. Black Butte was an awesome solo hike during midweek before the snow blanketed the higher elevations, but now it's a waiting game before my usual destinations will be accessible without a snowmobile. (oh, how I wish...)

Well, this post doesn't make up for almost seven months since the first one; but it should count for something. :)