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Styx [userpic]
"Happy New Year - It's a girl!"

Happy New Year!

Well, it's official.  Quimby is a girl.  Dana had scheduled an appointment for next Monday to have DNA sexing performed for Quimby and Binkley... but Quimby decided to make the confirmation easier by laying an egg in my lap tonight at about 7pm, New Year's Eve.

I guess we'll have to teach her to say "good bird!" instead of "good boy!" when she asks to go to the stand to poop.  Since Binkley already says "Hi, Bee!", we're thinking of morphing the name Quimby into "Queen Bee".  Well, it's a start... ;)

Earlier tonight, Binkley got jealous while I was hooking up Dana's new clock radio with my back turned toward him, so he flew over and immediately bit my ear without warning.  Both birds have been hormonal as the change in seasons has triggered their breeding instincts.  Suffice it to say, tonight has been quite a night for the birds and us.  Charlie was his usual perch-potato self.
Cockatoos are supposed to reach sexual maturity at about 8 years of age, and Quimby (er, Bee) will be 8 on February 8th.  Binkley turns 6 on January 12th.  It will be interesting to see whether Binkley is also a female.  He behaves like a male, but I've always had some doubts.

We were quite relieved when Quimby (umm.. Bee) calmed down within half an hour of laying the egg and proceeded to her usual sleeping spot on my shoulder.  She settled right down and commenced "scritching" (the noise that they make with their beaks ONLY when they are content).  That is an excellent sign. :)

I'm hoping that she gets some rest tonight without getting disturbed by our inevitable neighborhood fireworks at midnight.

Happy New Year!

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Current Music: Joy to the world - Three Bird Night

Happy New Year to you as well!

My Aunt Doss had a male bird that laid eggs. Then again I think she was old and confused by that point.

Happy New Year. Post more often.

Happy New Year Styx!

Congrats - belated.

I had no idea your wife was pregnant.

I love the name!

Not much chance of that. (snip/snip)
Quimby is one of our birds (a pink Salmon Crested Moluccan Cockatoo), not a human offspring. (Shh... don't tell our birds that they're not really people! Quimby would look at you and say "What are you doing? Hmm?")

For almost 8 years, we were under the assumption that Quimby was a male, and Binkley (our 6 year old Umbrella Cockatoo), also. Now that Quimby has laid an egg, we have to get used to using "her" and "she" references and choose a less masculine name for her. The results of the DNA sexing for Binkley are due next week. We're still pretty sure that Binkley is a male, but there's always been a certain amount of doubt. There is no question about Charlie (my parrot) being a male. I'll spare the details. :)

Anywheighzzz... the only pregnancies that are likely around our house are the #%^$&! burrowing rodents in the back yard. Our neighborhood has recently become inundated with either moles or gophers. They're what you might consider to be "underground vegans". Maybe I should stuff some cloned meat down in their burrows to scare them back into my neighbors' yards. ;)