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The Bird Nerd

External Services:
  • styx@livejournal.com
I'm a drummer:
I'm not in any bands anymore, but that doesn't stop me from jamming along with anything ranging from Rush, Dave Matthews, Genesis, Tower of Power, Chuck Mangione, Maroon 5, ELP, Yes, Earth Wind & Fire, Queensryche, or basically any decent rock bands that know the difference between music and hip-hop/(c)rap.

I'm a wilderness hiker:
Over 600 Oregon lakes so far!

I'm an exotic bird enthusiast:
I have a parrot and two cockatoos

Oh, and ummm... computers. Yeah. People might say that I've been known to work with a computer or two (or 100) on occasion.

I'm basically just a Systems Administrator who enjoys a peaceful homelife with his sweetheart and three nutty birds. I enjoy getting away from computers by hiking cross-country to secluded wilderness lakes. I also find yardwork to be curiously rewarding on those weekends at home when too much snow prevents me from reaching my higher elevation hiking/camping destinations.